Listed below are the varieties that we grow.  Click here for our current nursery stock and pricing.

To help you decide, you can also refer to our Raspberry Comparative Table


PRELUDE(Early) - Winter hardy, vigorous, medium size berry. Medium red, firm, very good flavoured berry. Bears some fruit on primo canes in the fall.
BOYNE(Early-mid) - Winter hardy, strong canes, high yield, medium size berry, medium dark, tender and juicy, medium sweet. Good frozen and fresh.
KILLARNEY(Early-mid) - Fruit is firm, sweet, deep red, excellent quality and flavour.
AAC EDEN *(Mid) - Canes are spineless, fruit is large, firm medium red in color, excellent yield, conical in shape that pulls easily, good flavour.
NOVA(Mid) - Canes sturdy and winter hardy, slightly spined. Medium size berry, med. red, firm, mild flavour.
JEANNE d'ORLEANS **(Late) - Large firm fruit, medium red, high quality, good flavour, high in antioxidants, excellent shelf life, great for fresh market, good producer.
ENCORE(Late) - Winter hardy, vigorous, large size berry. Light red, firm, good balanced flavoured berry. Encore produces above average commercial fruit yields.
K81-6(Late) - Canes are tall, sturdy, slightly spined and shows resistance to late yellow rust. Very large fruit, medium red, medium firm, excellent flavour.
ROYALTY(Late) - Large, vigorous winter hardy canes, large size berry, medium firm, picked from red to dusty purple. Sweet, high quality. Excellent for jelly.

* NOTE: Not available for sale in the province of Quebec, or the USA.
** NOTE: Not available for sale in the province of Quebec.


HERITAGEEverbearer, first crop mid-summer, second from Sept. to Oct. Canes upright, vigorous and winter hardy. Medium size berry, medium red, firm, excellent flavour.
DOUBLE DELIGHTHardy, large double berries, medium red, firm berries, medium height canes, few spines. Developed for Western Canada.
RED RIVERHardy, medium red berries, bright and attractive, excellent flavor, short canes, few spines. Developed for Western Canada.