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AC WENDY(Early) - Large berry, bright red, average firmness, excellent fresh flavour, vigorous, moderately resistant to powdery mildew, CPBR # 2467
ANNAPOLIS(Early) - Vigorous, very good yield, very large berry, light red, firm, mild flavour, very good quality, excellent for fresh market. RSR
SABLE(Early) - Winter hardy, productive, large berry, bright red, medium firm with good flavour. (Veestar x Cavendish) RSR
BRUNSWICK(Early-mid) - Berries are large, attractive, uniform in color, good producer and disease resistance.
HONEOYE(Early-mid) - Excellent yield, large berry, bright red, glossy, very firm, very good productivity.
AAC LILA *(Mid) - Berries are large, med red, firm, conical and uniform in color, higher neck and easy pull, good flavour, shows some RSR.
CAVENDISH(Mid) - High yield, large berry, bright red, firm, excellent flavour.
KENT(Mid) - Vigorous, high yield, very large berry, dark red throughout, firm, good flavour, very good quality.
MIRA(Mid) - High yield, very large berry, bright red, medium firm, fair to good flavour, may be tart. Useful for shipping. RSR
JEWEL(Mid-late) Vigorous, winter hardy, large berry, bright red, moderately firm, excellent flavour, excellent quality, freezes well.
ST-LAURENT(Mid-late) - Very large dark red berry, very good flavor. Excellent productivity, very winter hardy. Ideal for PYO, fresh market & shipping, excellent shelf life. (not RSR)
AC VALLEY SUNSET(Late) - Cultivar from Kentville NS Research Centre, large berry, average yield, large crown plants, excellent flavor.
CABOT(Late) - Very large light red, conical shaped berry, firm and juicy, suitable for U-Pick and direct sales. RSR
ALBIONEverbearing strawberry variety, fruit is very large, very firm, good sweet flavour, long conical in shape, glossy red color, resistant to verticillium wilt, phytophthora crown rot and has some resistance to anthracnose crown rot, popular for commercial production.
SEASCAPEEverbearing strawberry variety, fruit is large, firm, fairy sweet mild flavour, conical to round in shape, glossy red color, bright red on inside, reliable fall producer, tolerant to early heat, good disease resistance, popular for commercial production.

* NOTE: Not available for sale in the province of Quebec, or the USA.